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Offene Ohren e.V. - looking for supporters!

Offene Ohren e.V. is a nonprofit association whose members work on a honorary basis. It is financed by membership fees, donations and subsidies.

No mon, no fun.

Art in all its manifestations is an important cultural asset. It does not have to be profitable, but the expenses have to be covered. Musicians' fees are only one (relatively small) item, besides charges, taxes, rent for venues, travel and accommodation costs, a concert organiser has to take care of.

It is a sad fact that despite the commitment of people like the Friends of Improvised Music (Offene Ohren e.V.) sustainable cultural activities are no longer possible without donations and sponsors.

Cuts in public spending as well as cultural budgets are even harder on small ambitious art projects. Ironically, it is in this field where comparably small sums can make a big difference.

This is why we ask you to support us with donations - even small contributions are welcome - or by sponsoring our association, one concert or one concert series.

Apart from aiding to enhance the cultural diversity of your city and personally helping musicians, you or your organisation will be named as a sponsor in our Thank you page.

Money isn't all.

Here are some suggestions how you can help us promote improvised music without hard cash:

Telling friends about our concerts, placing flyers or posters in appropriate locations, photocopying or printing information, recommending our association and website, linking our website, making contact with potential sponsors. Or maybe in your circle of acquaintancies there are people who ...


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