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Improvisation – to tickle your mind

What is improvisational music?
Or, as Derek Bailey once put it in his book about the topic - What is non-idiomatic improvisation?
Music for curious people who are open to new things, to experimental, creative, exciting things that emerge on stage, interacting between musicians and between musicians and audience, the unpredictable... an unusual listening pleasure - music for open ears!

It's not that easy. Many people want and need a conceptual "pigeonhole". Not only employees of newspapers and magazines are often at a loss when it comes to the classification of our concerts in the calendar of events. So which category does improvisational music fall into: jazz, classical or even pop - or what now?

Anyone who has attended some Offene Ohren e.V. - concerts (or other improvisation events) knows that there are no such pigeonholes. Each concert is individual and, depending on the musical background of the artists, sometimes more classical, experimental, jazzy or any combination of that, and more. The boundaries to jazz, new music, world music, ambient noise, natural sounds, industrial noise, silence (which actually doesn't really exist) are blurred. Influence comes from all directions.

In our opinion, there can't and doesn't have to be a fixed definition of improvisational music. Nevertheless, we want to try to cast a spotlight on the term. To get you started, here are a few colorful quotes on the subject. This website will be further expanded in the future according to time and desire. Additions and suggestions are therefore always welcome!


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