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Improvised Music Networking

Networking is one of the fundamental ideas of Offene Ohren e.V. We attempt to build and maintain contacts not only with improvisers themselves but also with initiatives promoting improvised music.

Mutual support can be a very beneficial factor for these organisations. Accordingly, we place great value on pointing out organisers of similar orientation, on avoiding concurrent concerts and on enhancing our appeal through common projects.

Together we work on giving musicians an efficient platform for their improvisations. A growing number of concerts will result in a growing network of interested listeners. We are delighted to see that among our audience there are not only insiders of the improv scene but also music enthusiasts who, inspired by our offerings, want to open their ears to completely new listening experiences.

The word is out among creative artists: Munich is an attractive place for improvisors, for musical experiments, for fascinating encounters!

Here are some partners who are important to us:

OffeneOhren Networking Partner - Organiser

Offene Ohren e.V Networking – Artists

The network is growing with every concert. Looking under Artists@Offene Ohren e.V., you will find a list of all those who already played in Munich. Through additional links you can learn more about individual musicians.

Finally, we'd like to introduce you to our favourite link - if you are not familiar with it yet: with his site, Peter Stubley has compiled an : European Free Improvisation Pages

Starting in 1995, Peter Stubley had compiled an extensive and authoritative information pool on his site EFIP (European Free Improvisation Pages). Highly recommended for detailed researchwork as well as for browsing and stumbling on the unexpected. A favorite link of ours for a long time. Unfortunately, the site is no longer accessible today.

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